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At Site 2 CRO, we specialize in locating clinical trials that fit a physician’s criteria and interests. We also provide extensive personalized support for physicians looking to conduct clinical trials, helping to enhance their practice capabilities and increase revenue.

Partnering for Success

• Pfizer Award for recruitment of 100 subjects and 99.2% patient retention.

• Takeda Award for exceptional knowledge of Clinical trial processes

• Takeda Award for exceptional documentation of all data and records

Successful Trials
Patient Retention

Benefits to Participating in Clinical Research Trials

The Physician

  • The opportunity to improve patient outcomes.
  • Participating in clinical trials can give patients access to new treatment options or off-label uses of medications.
  • It can also provide free medications and care for patients who are struggling with health care costs.
  • Patients may receive laboratory tests, procedures, and examinations for which insurance companies would not necessarily pay.

The Practice

  • Participating in potentially groundbreaking medical research.
  • Patients facing a life-threatening disease or illness want to feel confident that their physician is informed about life-changing drugs and therapeutics and, if necessary, provides access to cutting-edge therapies.
  • Enhanced practice reputation and increased capabilities and credentials for clinicians and staff members.
  • Increased utilization of practice investment and resources, generating additional revenue.


The Team

  • Staff morale and teamwork increased while learning about new medications and treatments.
  • New skills are developed while others are improved.
  • Opportunity for additional professional development and credentialing.

Site 2 CRO can help physicians with customized turnkey solutions and ongoing hands-on support.

  • Clinical Operations ensures proper planning, conduct, patient safety, and data quality while fostering good communication between your practice and the study sponsor.
  • Financial Management to handle all financial aspects of the process throughout the duration of the trial.
    • Cost management
    • Budget Preparation
    • Patient Registration/Screening
    • Site Payment Management
    • Patient Reimbursements & Stipends
    • Prepayment to Local Labs
    • Patient Payment for In-Home Visit & Milestone Completions
  • Resource Management At Site 2 CRO, we have an excellent Contract Research Organization (CRO) resource management system that helps us assist clients in finding out how and where to utilize their resources to achieve the best clinical trial outcomesOur team has the right know-how to perform predictive analysis and plan and manage resources to assist in resource planning for sites and investigators.
  • Contract Research Organization Our passion is all about helping your upcoming or active study be a smooth success! In addition to providing access to multiple sites and Site/Primary Investigators that have proven track records of producing accurate and quality data and providing document management with a reliable, quick turn-around.

We are currently seeking to partner with physicians in the following studies:


Our award-winning team can provide the comprehensive guidance and support required to develop a successful investigative site and to gain research experience.

Here at Site 2 CRO, we have extensive experience in locating clinical trials that best fit a physician’s criteria and interests. Our team offers complete assistance for physicians interested in conducting clinical trials to add to their practice capabilities and increase practice revenue.

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